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Chapter 486: Earning Money for You

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Xue Fanxin removed the chains from Gu Jinyuan’s body and treated his injuries briefly. “We’re friends. If a friend is in trouble, I’ll naturally help him. There’s no such thing as owing each other.”

“I’ll repay you for saving my life.” Gu Jinyuan thought that repaying her kindness was not being polite to Xue Fanxin, but he already treated her as his master and planned to work for her from now on.

If he followed her, he might have a brighter future. If he stayed in the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, he could at most be a head of a trading company in his entire life, and that too in a small place.

“If you really want to repay me, then help me earn money in the future. I love money. You’re the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company. You must know how to earn money, right?” Xue Fanxin was only saying it casually. As his injuries were too heavy, his consciousness was barely holding. He could die at any moment, so she had to keep talking to him to keep his head clear.

She did not know that her casual words were taken seriously by Gu Jinyuan. “Alright, I’ll help you earn money in the future.”

This was a promise Gu Jinyuan had made to her, and it would create a huge business empire in the future… However, this was all in the future.

“You can’t go back on your word. If you want to earn money for me, you have to protect your life first. Otherwise, what use is an empty promise? Also…” Xue Fanxin originally wanted to talk to Gu Jinyuan more, but someone’s tragic cry made her unable to speak properly.

“Ah… You… You actually dare to hit me. Ah… Don’t hit, don’t hit…” After Gu Jinwei was chained to the wall by the Night Shadow Guards, he only suffered a few lashes before begging for mercy. He kept screaming miserably. He could not bear the heart-wrenching pain at all. The more he screamed, the more pitiful he became.

Xue Fanxin felt annoyed when she heard Gu Jinwei’s tragic cries. “Block his mouth.”

“Yes.” Ye Yi tore a large piece of cloth from Gu Jinwei’s clothes and used it to cover his mouth.

Ye Er, on the other hand, continued to whip him. According to Xue Fanxin, she wanted him to pay double the price.

Unfortunately, Gu Jinwei did not have the ability to resist at all. After a few whips, he had already fainted. If he were to be whipped a few more times, he would probably die.

However, Xue Fanxin did not have the time or mood to care about him. It was also good that he had fainted. This way, it could be quieter. “Gu Jinyuan, remember what you just said. You have to help me earn a lot of money, okay? For that, you have to work hard to protect your life.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll work my life off for you.” Gu Jinyuan knew Xue Fanxin’s good intentions. Furthermore, he did not want to die, so he had to live no matter what.

“Alright. Your injuries are very serious. The environment here is too bad. We have to change our location. I’ve already treated your injuries briefly and used acupuncture to stabilize your condition. As long as nothing unexpected happens, it shouldn’t be a problem. As for this guy, what do you plan to do with him?” Xue Fanxin glanced at Gu Jinwei.

“Let him fend for himself here.”

“Are you sure you want to let him off?”

“Killing him won’t resolve the hatred in my heart. Furthermore, it’s not certain if he can return alive! Normally, no one comes to this place. If he’s locked up here for ten days or half a month, do you think he can still live?”

If Gu Jinwei was really lucky enough to be saved. They would settle their scores slowly in the future.

He would not let today’s matter rest so easily.

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