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Chapter 487: Smart

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Xue Fanxin respected Gu Jinyuan’s decision and let him handle this matter himself. She only needed to treat his injuries. As for the rest, she could not care less.

“Ye Yi, Ye Er, Ye San, Ye Si, Ye Wu. Carry Gu Jinyuan back to the Lord’s Estate. Don’t disturb his wounds. Try not to shake his body. Be careful.”

“Your Highness, don’t worry. We’ll send him back to the Lord’s Estate safely.”

The Night Shadow Guards followed Xue Fanxin’s instructions and brought Gu Jinyuan back to the Lord’s Estate, ignoring Gu Jinwei. When they left, they did not remove the chains on him.

Xue Fanxin brought the injured Gu Jinyuan back to the Lord’s Estate and placed him in a guest room. Then, she ordered people to prepare all kinds of things and started to treat him further.

His injuries were very serious. One of the wounds was only half an inch away from his heart. If it had been half an inch lower, he would have long died.

It was not easy to treat such wounds. Furthermore, his body was extremely weak. One mistake and he might really die.

If it were any other doctor, they would definitely not dare to treat him. But Xue Fanxin was an exception. The treatment process was extremely focused. She did not even know that Ye Jiushang had entered the room. She had all her attention on Gu Jinyuan.

The moment Ye Jiushang returned, he knew that Xue Fanxin had gone out to save Gu Jinyuan. Although he was a little depressed, he knew that Gu Jinyuan would not snatch his woman from him; he was someone who knew how to read the situation. Therefore, he only waited by the side.

His little woman cared about so many people. If he was jealous of everyone, wouldn’t he die of jealousy?

However, Gu Jinyuan’s injuries were a little too serious. The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company was really ruthless to their former Young Master.

At this moment, Zhuri walked in and reported to Ye Jiushang, “Your Highness, I’ve investigated clearly. The Blue Sea Villa sent their deputy villa lord over. He’s in the First Restaurant. Although the Blue Sea Villa did not directly cause trouble for the Ninth Lord’s Estate, I heard some rumors. They plan to deal with the Consort and the Ninth Lord’s Estate after Gu Jinyuan.”

“They are really overestimating themselves,” Ye Jiushang said coldly. Then, he asked in a nonchalant tone, “What’s going on with the four great clans?”

“The deputy villa lord of the Blue Sea Villa privately looked for the Lian family’s master, Lian Shanhe, wishing to deal with the Consort. However, Lian Shanhe rejected him. The deputy villa lord said that the Blue Sea Villa would no longer protect and provide any medicinal pills to the Lian family. Even so, Lian Shanhe did not change his mind and was still unwilling to help the Blue Sea Villa deal with the Consort. The attitude of the other three families is the same. No family is willing to stand on the Blue Sea Villa’s side. They even closed the door and refused to see anyone from the Blue Sea Villa.”

“At least they know what’s good for them.”

“Your Highness, do you want me to lead people to teach that Blue Sea Villa a lesson?”

“There’s no need. Leave this to the Consort. Go and investigate. Did Heavenly Saints Emperor summon the Ghost King or see him in private?”

The matter of the Blue Sea Villa was not difficult to resolve. It was enough to leave it to Xin’er. He could only resolve the other matters faster if he personally took action.

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