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Chapter 93: Chapter 93: The North Vanquishing King of Dachu

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Chapter 93: The North Vanquishing King of Dachu

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[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 1/320]


[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 2/320]

The familiar virtual interface appeared in front of Su Chen, and the numbers on it jumped at an extremely fast speed.

The strength that Su Chen displayed convinced everyone that he was a Level Nine Qi Sea Realm cultivator.

The voices of these prodigies from neutral sects were not loud, but they clearly reached the ears of everyone present.

Some of the disciples who admired Su Chen did not doubt the words of these prodigies because of their preconceived notions.

Those who did not trust Su Chen could not help but nod in agreement when they heard the words of these prodigies.

They had no basis of trust in Su Chen.

However, they did not dare to doubt the words of the many prodigies on the stands.

[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 299/320]

[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 300/320]

[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 319/320]

[Breakthrough to the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm: 320/320]

There were tens of thousands of people present.

Therefore, the characters on the virtual interface jumped rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, the progress bar was full.


A stream of pure energy erupted from Su Chen’s sea of Qi.

Immediately after, a huge aura emanated from Su Chen.

“As expected.”

“This is the aura of a Level Nine Qi Sea Realm cultivator!”

On the stands, many prodigies took a deep breath and said with solemn expressions.

This was Su Chen’s response to them.

This meant that he was undoubtedly a Level Nine Qi Sea Realm cultivator.

The pressure of a Level Nine Qi Sea Realm cultivator was so strong that it forced a Level Eight Qi Sea Realm cultivator to kneel.

One had to know that there was only a small realm difference between the two of them!

Su Chen was at the ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm, while Gu Xuanyun was at the eighth level of the Qi Sea Realm.

But despite this small difference, it seemed like an insurmountable gap.

In front of Su Chen, Gu Xuanyun was like a child, unable to resist at all.

Moreover, this was just pressure.

If Su Chen really attacked, Gu Xuanyun would probably not last a moment in Su Chen’s hands!

“The ninth level of the Qi Sea Realm…”

Situ Feng felt the aura from Su Chen and was shocked.

He subconsciously touched the demonic beast bag on his waist, and his fear of Su Chen increased.

Previously, he had only treated Su Chen as an opponent.

Now, Su Chen’s position in his heart had risen to the level of a mortal enemy.

If he wanted to defeat Su Chen, he would probably have to use up all his trump cards!

“It’s enough to teach him a lesson.”

At this moment, a light voice entered Su Chen’s ears.

He was very familiar with this voice. It was Elder Fan’s voice.

Hearing this, Su Chen turned around.

On the other stand, there were dozens of elders sitting upright.

They were no longer paying attention to the battle below. Instead, they were looking at the stand where they were.

A middle-aged man sat in the middle of the stand where the elders of the various forces were.

He was wearing a black robe, free from dust, and his black hair cascaded like a waterfall. His eyes were as deep as the sea.

When he met Su Chen’s gaze, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing an extremely appreciative gaze.

This person was none other than the North Vanquishing King of the Dachu Empire!

Su Chen felt everyone’s gaze and casually retracted his aura.

As his pressure disappeared, Gu Xuanyun lay on the ground in an extremely embarrassed posture. His clothes were completely soaked in sweat.

Gu Xuanyun’s eyes were wide open as he panted heavily. The depths of his eyes were filled with horror.

Was this the strength of a prodigy who had stepped into the Forbidden Stage in the Qi Gathering Realm?

He had never thought that Su Chen would have such terrifying strength.

Before Su Chen made his move, he did not expect the gap between him and his opponent to be so big.

Big to the point of almost despair.

Gu Xuanyun stood up silently and returned to his original position without saying a word, no longer provoking further.

His previous taunting was out of ignorance.

Coupled with Su Chen’s low-profile appearance, Gu Xuanyun felt that he could be reckless with the Mystery Darkness Sect behind him.

However, it was different now.

Su Chen had already displayed his terrifying strength. If he continued to provoke Su Chen blindly, he was afraid that the moment he entered the Hundred Demon Battlefield would be the day of his death!

Gu Xuanyun silently returned to his seat and lowered his head.

All the prodigies present looked at Gu Xuanyun in surprise.

Had he changed?

Or was he completely frightened by Su Chen’s imposing aura just now?

In their opinion, the latter was more likely to be the case.

However, this was understandable.

The pressure that Su Chen exuded earlier not only shocked Gu Xuanyun but also caused them to tremble in their hearts.

Fortunately, Su Chen hadn’t targeted them.

Otherwise, their fate might not be any better than Gu Xuanyun’s.

After the farce just now, the stands quieted down.

Everyone turned their attention back to the competition platform below.

Thousands of people were competing on the same stage, and there were still many dark horses among them.

But who was the strongest dark horse among them?

It was naturally Mu Qingxue!

She refreshed everyone’s opinion again and again.

From the moment they confirmed that Mu Qingxue would be eliminated in the first round until Mu Qingxue entered the top four.

It was precisely because of this that no one present dared to underestimate Mu Qingxue.

Even though she was only at the third level of the Qi Sea Realm, if she used her full strength, even a Level Six Qi Sea Realm cultivator would be defeated. “There are two demons in the Great Mystery Sect!”

The North Vanquishing King looked at Mu Qingxue and murmured softly.

His voice was not loud, but the elders of various forces around him heard it.

Some people looked thoughtful, some serious, and some envious…

Only Elder Fan was different.

On his aged face, there was a smile of happiness, like a brilliant chrysanthemum blooming. His mouth had not closed since the start of the competition.

Another round of competition ended.

In the end.

Mu Qingxue and a disciple of the Everlasting Sect entered the finals.

The moment the two of them stepped onto the stage, they attracted the attention of countless people.

One of them was the hot favorite to win the championship from the beginning.

The other was the biggest dark horse that had suddenly appeared.

The fight between these two people would definitely be a fierce battle!

“Brother Situ, I have a high-grade flying treasure, the Cloud Piercing Shuttle. Do you want to bet with me on who will be the champion of this competition?” Su Chen glanced at the competition platform below, then his gaze landed on Situ Feng as he suddenly spoke.

Situ Feng had yet to react.

However, Gu Xunayun was taken aback. He looked at the Cloud Piercing Shuttle in Su Chen’s hand, his face turning pale and then green. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but the words died on his lips.

That Cloud Piercing Shuttle was originally his.

But now, it had fallen into the hands of Su Chen…

And now it was being used as a bet, which was like pouring salt on his wound!

It was both killing him and striking at his heart!

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