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Chapter 57

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The robust momentum was like a sharp sword, pressing straight toward the four Dou Shi opposite him. Lu Yunxiao's body radiated with golden light, and his innate Gold Qi began to circulate rapidly.

Facing the four Dou Shi, Lu Yunxiao did not dare to underestimate them. He had to give it his all. In this battle, he not only had to win but also win beautifully and decisively.

"Arrogant brat, Huang Xian, Ying Xiang, Fu Changqing, let's go! Let's teach this brat a lesson." The leader shouted with anger in his eyes as he draped himself in a layer of black Dou Qi.

His name was Ye Ling, a five-star Dou Shi with the Dark Attribute Dou Qi. Dark Attribute Dou Qi, like Gold Attribute Dou Qi, was quite rare but extremely sinister and eerie. Not only was it highly concealable, but it also carried a corrosive property within the Dou Qi, making it formidable. With his Dark Attribute Dou Qi, he even had a record of confronting six-star Dou Shi without defeat.

Huang Xian was a fire attribute cultivator, a three-star Dou Shi.

Ying Xiang, a wind attribute cultivator, was a two-star Dou Shi.

As for Fu Changqing, he was a wood attribute cultivator, slightly inferior to Ye Ling, being a four-star Dou Shi.

It could be said that these four, when combined, possessed considerable combat power.

Standing together, the four exuded a powerful aura, completely dispelling Lu Yunxiao's oppressive presence.

Lu Yunxiao's eyes twitched slightly, his expression unchanged, but a strong fighting spirit ignited in his eyes. He had always been eager for battle.

"Come at me!" Lu Yunxiao shouted lightly, then launched an attack directly at the four.

Cold light flickered on the Rainbow Sword, and a ring of sword aura enveloped all four of them on the battlefield.

"Seeking death!" Ye Ling snorted coldly. He brandished a pure black curved blade, emitting a faint glow with a hint of red at the blade's edge. It was an excellent blade capable of cutting through iron-like mud.

Ye Ling wielded the black curved blade and directly attacked Lu Yunxiao.

At the same time, Huang Xian, Ying Xiang, and Fu Changqing also launched their attacks against Lu Yunxiao.




Lu Yunxiao moved with his sword, the Rainbow Sword in his hand seeming to come alive, each thrust carrying bone-piercing sharpness.

Ye Ling and the others were not afraid at all. The five of them instantly engaged in a fierce battle.

Lu Yunxiao, surrounded, faced the four of them alone and yet showed no signs of weakness.

After comprehending the essence of swordsmanship, each of Lu Yunxiao's strikes carried terrifying cutting power. Once hit, even the Dou Qi clock would be torn apart easily.

Due to this, Ye Ling and the others, despite their combined efforts, couldn't prevail against Lu Yunxiao in a short time.

The intense battle left the spectators dizzy. Such a fight was rare even within the Jia Nan Academy.

Especially Lu Yunxiao, who was evenly matched with four Dou Shi, had a profound impact on many observing students, significantly increasing the credibility of the rumors circulating in the academy.

"Damn it!" Ye Ling cursed fiercely. Even with their combined efforts, they couldn't defeat Lu Yunxiao. Their faces were losing big time.

Moreover, Lu Yunxiao's Dou Qi was extremely peculiar, not at all like the normal Gold Attribute Dou Qi. It seemed unaffected by Huang Xian's fire attribute Dou Qi, which was truly astonishing.

The most unfortunate was Fu Changqing. His wood attribute Dou Qi was completely suppressed. All his attacks were directly dispersed by Lu Yunxiao's Dou Qi, leaving him no room to resist.

As a four-star Dou Shi, facing occasional strikes from Lu Yunxiao, he found it difficult to withstand. It was truly unbelievable.

If it weren't for the four of them but just Fu Changqing alone, Ye Ling estimated that he wouldn't last more than ten moves against Lu Yunxiao. It was truly miserable.

In another clash, Lu Yunxiao directly shattered Ye Ling's curved blade with a sword strike, and his golden Dou Qi cut through all the vines that came from Fu Changqing. Then, with a sweeping kick, he forced Huang Xian back, dodging Ying Xiang's swift attack once again.

At the same time, Lu Yunxiao's Rainbow Sword turned, and circular sword Qi swept out, forcing all four of them to retreat.

"Enjoyable, bring it on!" Lu Yunxiao shouted, fully exerting his strength in the fight, the third time in so many years.

The first time was facing thousands of Desert Sand Spiders, almost using all his strength but still outnumbered.

The second time was against the five-star Da Dou Shi from the Flame Valley, with a huge level gap, he was still defeated even after giving his all. And now, it was the third time, fighting with all his might, it felt so intense and satisfying.

Four Dou Shi, against his usual full strength, were evenly matched. This time, Lu Yunxiao truly gained a clear understanding of his regular strength.

"Brothers, don't hold back. Let's finish him off completely." Ye Ling shouted coldly as the dark attribute Dou Qi in his body circulated madly, and the curved blade in his hand slashed directly toward Lu Yunxiao.

At the same time, Huang Xian and the others also displayed their Dou techniques one after another, rushing toward Lu Yunxiao with strong momentum.

One high-level Xuan Dou technique, and three intermediate-level Xuan Dou techniques, all swept toward Lu Yunxiao. 

The strong momentum caused Lu Yunxiao's white clothes to flutter incessantly, his hair swaying slightly. The terrifying pressure even made his hair stand on end.

"Yunxiao, be careful!" Among the onlookers, there came cries of concern from Xiao Yu and others.

The combined power of these four attacks was already terrifying. Even among the entire Dou Shi stage, not many could withstand it.

This time, Lu Yunxiao was truly in danger. If he couldn't withstand it, he would end up severely injured.

Watching the attacks getting closer, Lu Yunxiao smiled faintly, a hint of sharpness flashing in his eyes. The Rainbow Sword in his hand stood horizontally, his body trembling slightly. A domineering and sharp terrifying aura swept out.

"Have you ever heard of Sword Qi?" Lu Yunxiao murmured. His figure flashed, the long sword swung, and an invisible aura suddenly condensed on the blade.

With one sword thrust, the heavens and earth seemed to stagnate. Lightning flickered in the void, sword shadows floated, and even the sun in the sky seemed to lose its brilliance at this moment, leaving only the brilliant sword light lingering in the world.

Transcending the heavens!

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