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Chapter 60

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A graceful figure approached, bringing with it a breeze of fragrance. 

A faint scent of virginity suddenly entered Lu Yunxiao's nostrils. The fragrance was fresh and delightful, refreshing to the senses. Stimulated by it, Lu Yunxiao couldn't help but lift his head slightly, his gaze flickering, instantly catching sight of a red figure.

The red robe was bright and fiery, with long slender legs straight and shapely, a slim waist gripped delicately, curving forward and back, exuding sensuality and allure. In terms of figure, the girl in front of him was quite outstanding, even comparable to Xiao Yu. Lu Yunxiao continued scrutinizing, his gaze falling on the girl's cheeks.

A melon-seed face was quite charming, with fair and smooth skin, a delicate and high-bridged nose, cherry lips glistening with a faint sheen, and a pair of black and white distinct eyes blinking lightly, revealing a hint of stubbornness and agility. She was a very beautiful girl, with a passionate and lively temperament, exuding a faint wildness all over, like a thorned rose.

With astonishing perceptiveness, with just one glance, Lu Yunxiao understood clearly that the person standing in front of him was not simple; her strength was definitely at the Dou Shi level, perhaps even comparable to Ye Ling.

And she seemed to be only about sixteen or seventeen years old in appearance. In terms of talent, perhaps only Wu Hao in the Outer Jia Academy could compare with her. As for others, they were far behind.

His gaze flickered slightly as he speculated about the identity of the visitor. Lu Yunxiao already had his guesses in his heart. Lu Yunxiao scrutinized the girl, and the girl also scrutinized Lu Yunxiao.

She carefully examined Lu Yunxiao's face and couldn't help but secretly admire it. In the Jia Nan Academy, she had seen many so-called handsome guys, but compared to Lu Yunxiao, they were completely inferior.

"This guy is quite good-looking," the girl thought to herself. Compared to the distant admiration before, in close contact, Lu Yunxiao's appearance became even more striking, and his charm was quite substantial.

She had always disliked men, but looking at Lu Yunxiao, she inexplicably didn't dislike him. There seemed to be a special aura about Lu Yunxiao that made him more pleasing to the eye the more you looked at him.

As they sized each other up, the atmosphere fell into silence for a moment.

"Excuse me, do you have something to discuss?" After a moment of silence, Lu Yunxiao was the first to break the deadlock. From the situation, this girl should be here for him.

"You must be Lu Yunxiao, I'm glad to meet you. You can call me Hu Jia," the girl said softly, biting her lip.

However, upon hearing such a gentle voice, Lu Yunxiao didn't find it pleasant at all. Instead, he shook slightly, and a strange look flashed in his eyes.

This was Hu Jia?

This was the little Witch?

If Hu Jia herself wasn't standing in front of him, he would have thought it was Xiao Yu speaking to him. Although Xiao Yu was straightforward, she was relatively gentle when she was with him, and her character was fine. As for Hu Jia speaking like this, Lu Yunxiao was a bit puzzled. 

This was the famous little Witch of the academy. Being willful and capricious was her character. Gentleness was totally out of character for her. What exactly was Hu Jia up to? Lu Yunxiao was really at a loss.

Seeing the fleeting strange look in Lu Yunxiao's eyes, Hu Jia understood that Lu Yunxiao must know her reputation, and he might even know her personality. After all, she was famous in the academy. It wasn't difficult to find out some information about her.

She felt quite embarrassed. Was she such a gentle girl?

Obviously not! Speaking so gently made her feel quite awkward internally. However, thinking about the bet, Hu Jia forced a smile on her face.

"Hello, I'm also glad to meet you," Lu Yunxiao said after hesitating for a while. He wouldn't refuse someone who approached him with a smile, no matter what Hu Jia was up to. Lu Yunxiao naturally wouldn't put on airs with her.

Moreover, Hu Jia's grandfather was the vice dean of the Outer Academy a strong Dou huang level expert. This Outer Academy could be said to be Hu Jua's territory. Since he was studying here, he naturally had to give face where it was due.

"By the way, fellow student Hu Jia, what business do you have with me?" After some thought, Lu Yunxiao decided to ask directly. He really didn't want to play guessing games, especially since he was very busy at the moment; he still had a lot of Dou Techniques to study.

Hu Jia hesitated for a moment and looked around. Because both she and Lu Yunxiao were prominent figures in the Jia Nan Academy, many students watching Dou Techniques in the Martial Skill Pavilion were paying attention to them.

Because of this, Hu Jia felt even more hesitant. If she said it now, within two hours, she would definitely become famous throughout the academy, but it would be a different kind of fame. However, if she didn't say it, the bet wouldn't be fulfilled, and she didn't want to lose her credibility.

Although she was willful and capricious, she was a woman of her word. As long as she promised something, she would do it. That annoying old man actually wanted her to chase after Lu Yunxiao. 

Hu Jia cursed him in her heart. But curses aside, she still had to do what she had to do.

"Lu Yunxiao, can I invite you to dinner? Just the two of us," Hu Jia clasped her hands tightly around her clothes, her fingers turning slightly white from the force. God knew how ashamed she felt saying this. She always hated men, yet now she was actively inviting a man to dinner. For her, this was definitely the first time she had done something like this.

But if she didn't do this, she didn't know how to pursue Lu Yunxiao. Seeing how male students pursued female students in the academy, the most common thing they did was invite them to dinner. She was just following suit, after all, she was absolutely clueless when it came to matters of the heart.

And after she caught Lu Yunxiao, she had already figured out what to do. After catching him, she would just kick him away directly. After all, she didn't like Lu Yunxiao; she was only doing it to fulfill the bet. 

But she still felt a little guilty in her heart. After all, Lu Yunxiao was completely passive in this matter; he was just dragged into it and was innocent.

"Well, I'll compensate him later. He's a grown man; he should be able to handle a little blow," Hu Jia thought to herself. As for the possibility of rejection, she didn't consider it. Who was she? She was Hu Jia. She was extremely confident in herself.

On the other hand, Lu Yunxiao was completely frozen. He never expected Hu Jia to say such a thing, completely catching him off guard.

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