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Chapter 61

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The use of Clairvoyance with stick chocolate has been banned by Michelle.

[Clairvoyance is a magic that consumes more mana than you can imagine. Using an item to forcibly draw out power is a suicidal act. It wouldn’t be surprising if your heart stops like that!]

Michelle scolded me, her eyes welling up with tears.

[I’m sorry, but don’t worry, I won’t use it recklessly anymore.]

[If Yuusuke is gone, I……]

My heart ached at the sight of Michelle crying aloud.

There has never been anyone who has thought so much about me……

I don’t want to make Michelle sad anymore.

[I promise you. I definitely won’t do it again.]

[That’s for sure, okay?]

[Michelle, hold out your pinky finger.]

[What are you doing?]

[It’s a little magic spell for promises.]

[We can’t! The Pinky Promise chant is a very powerful Contract Curse. If you carelessly break it, you could lose your life!]


I did simply want us to make a pinky promise.

However, there’s actually a terrible magic equivalent to that in this world?

[Let’s just…… save that for when Yuusuke and I promise to get married……]

Michelle blurted out.


Bound by fear, I just pretended I didn’t hear what she said and withheld my reply.

I decided to seal off using my Clairvoyance together with the stick chocolate.

Even I don’t want to die yet.

However, there is one thing that I’m curious about.

That voice that resounded in my mind at that time……

“Do you want to go forward or go back?”

At that time, I had chosen to “go back”.

What I wanted back then was to “go back to my original state”, but as a result of that thought, I was able to see the past.

That should mean that, by choosing to “go forward”, I would be able to see images from the future……

I kinda want to try that.

That is honestly what I felt, but to be honest, I’m feeling really scared.

This may just be my unfounded feelings, but I feel that glimpsing into the future is more taxing than peeking into the past.

I have a lot of things I’m curious about, such as how my relationship with Michelle would turn out.

But in the end, because of all sorts of reasons, I think it’s better not to use Clairvoyance to see the future.

I felt that if I pushed myself too hard, I might actually die.

The maps of the first two Underground Floors were completed, so I asked artisans to print them out to be distributed to the rookies.

[Can we really take this?]

[Is it true that it’s free? I kinda feel bad.]

It seems that there’s no such thing as free service in this world, as everyone ended up equally feeling apologetic.

However, since people buy the store’s products while they come to get the maps, my sales are also increasing.

[Well, I’ll keep the 1st and 2nd Underground Floors free. However, if you go below the 3rd Underground Floor, you have to buy my map. Not like I’ve finished making it though.]

This is also like an upfront investment.

The more adventurers who survive with these maps, the more my products will sell, and maybe even the maps for deeper levels will sell well.

If that happens, my life will be even more prosperous.

My retirement dates would also be secure.

That being the case, I now move on to the 3rd Underground Floor.

I have already asked for new collaborators for this purpose.

[I’ll be counting on you, Merle, Mira.]

I held out my hand, intending to shake their hands, but their attitude looked unclear.

There’s even a hint of fear in their expressions.

[No, we’re fine with this…… but won’t Michelle-san get mad at us if we team up with Yuusuke-san?]

[That’s right. You teaming up with Regal-kun is fine, but I’m afraid she’ll turn hostile towards us……]

Michelle did call them slutty brats before.

She later apologized for it though.

[Come to think of it, she did question me before, asking me if I was gay.]

[That happened!?]

I had no clue at all.

[Ah, please don’t worry. I had always been under Yuusuke-san’s care, so when I told her about how enthusiastic I am that I got to guard you, she praised me instead. Telling me to take care of her Yuusuke, she gave me a Protection Talisman.]

[Isn’t that an extremely valuable Defense Amulet!?]

Merle looked at Regal’s amulet with envy.

To make the map for the 3rd Underground Floor, I asked these three to escort me.

I had only asked Regal to protect me so far, but that can’t be the case when it comes to the 3rd Underground Floor.

If I’m going to be working with someone anyway, I think it’s better to have partners that I know well, so I asked the two of them, who are my oldest regulars.

The basic fee for the escort was 4000 rims per person.

We also agreed that the money and magic stone drops would be shared by everyone.

[Why won’t you explore together with Michelle-san? Is it that you don’t want to be tied down?]

Mira made a slightly good point.

However, that isn’t the main reason why I didn’t ask her.

[I don’t want to bother Michelle. She has her research after all.]

I have a feeling that if I asked Michelle, she would help me even if she had to throw away her own research.

However, I don’t want that to happen.

Developing that Magic Orb that can accumulate a large amount of mana is something only Witch Michelle can do.

I want her talents to shine even brighter.

[I’ll talk to Michelle about me asking the two of you to help me. I think she’ll understand if I explain it properly. Probably……]

[Probably!? We’re really gonna be alright, right? I don’t want us to be cursed like the former King!]

She might sulk a little bit, but if I properly explain to her my reasons and the possible effects of my actions, I think she’ll understand.

Michelle may be possessive, but I don’t think she’d put a curse on Merle and Mira.


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